Listening Skills in Toastmasters

If half of communication skills is listening skills, how do you learn those in Toastmasters?

Last week, I got three invitations to online meetings scheduled at exactly the same time. I chose to attend one of the – Progressive Messengers – a corporate club in northeast Ohio – for one reason:

I didn’t get a video link.

Why? I don’t know. Was it an error on the part of Sandra Orland, the VPPR? Or was the platform unavailable to me? You can’t see me, but I’m shrugging. I have no idea. But the idea of attending an online meeting via phone was… intriguing. Not the usual.

So I dialed in. And what did I find?


Do you want to improve your communication skills – online and in person? Then Toastmasters is for you. We teach public speaking and leadership skills in safe, friendly meetings to help you achieve your goals and dreams in your life. This is Toastmasters 101, and I’m your host, Kim Krajci.


It’s about the tools, isn’t it?

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