Reflecting on Your Path: Toastmasters Finale

Let’s take a look at the Toastmasters Path final project:  Reflect on Your Path.

Reflect on Your Toastmasters Path

Have you ever cleaned out a garage or storage shed and had the great sense of completion that one gigantic task is done?

It’s so satisfying when you close the door and you know that it’s done… for now but right now… Ahhhhh.

This summer, my husband and I have been cleaning out not our own garage, but my parents’ garage.  My parents have lived in this home since… since… Ok, 50 years.  Over the years, they have accumulated objects that well, have some sentimental value, some tools that have lost their value, and a whole lot of dead leaves and spider webs in the corners.

Bit by bit, we’ve tackled this task, and this week, we addressed the back wall – the place where half-full bottles of bug spray and undrinkable soda pop go to die.  The wall of unloved tools and broken ladders and that shelf that we’re all afraid to look behind… Ok, maybe I’m getting a bit over-descriptive here.  But you know what I’m talking about.  That final hurdle of the big task that justifies sitting down with your feet up and something comforting to drink in your hands.

We brought home a trunk full of recyclables, a backseat full of donations, and a significant number of things that just don’t have any value to anyone anymore.  What was left behind?  My childhood sled and a spool of string.

What’s this got to do with Toastmasters?

When you’re done… are you done?  What do you do with what you’ve got when you’re done with a Toastmasters Path? Continue reading “Reflecting on Your Path: Toastmasters Finale”