Pathways Generic Evaluation Forms

Pathways Generic Evaluation forms

We call them hip pocket speeches.  When we get to a meeting and there’s a slot for a speaker – we’ll grab it to give a hip pocket speech.  But we need an evaluation form to give to our evaluator.  What do we use?  The Generic Evaluation Form.

Generic evaluation forms are your friends

Hip pocket speeches are sometimes pre-prepared speeches that my friend Judy will have ready to go.  Judy is a strong believer in the concept “You never give a speech without getting credit for it.”

That may be a little harder to do with Pathways than it was with the classic Toastmasters education program.  Pathways is more directed than the old program and sometimes the speech projects require more time and effort so we’re not always able to give the next speech in our level when the open slot comes up.  But don’t skip the chance to speak!  You need the stage time to improve, so take the slot if you can.

Judy always has a speech in the works and is always ready to step up and fill the slot.  For some of us, an empty slot is an opportunity to wing it.  We think of it as a 5 to 7 minute Table Topic.  Sometimes these go very well.  I did 5 minutes on why to eat a green apple before giving a speech.  Another time I talked about zombie giraffes.  Your mileage may vary on your success with impromptu speeches.  Personally, I love them.  Not so sure about my clubs…

I digress.  Whatever the speech is, I need an evaluation.

Some clubs have a spare evaluation form known as PIES in their files.  This is a useful evaluation form but not very specific to Pathways.  I don’t dislike it, but I’ve discovered a Pathways evaluation form that I like more.  It’s called the Generic Evaluation Form.

Generic Evaluation Form

It’s in the same format as all the other Pathways evaluations forms.  It allows you space to put in an objective for your speech.  It’s a familiar format to the Toastmaster, which is a benefit to them.  If they have to spend time getting familiar with the form, they’re not paying attention to you.  I think you’ll get a better evaluation if they’re not distracted by the form.

The generic evaluation form is handy for the unexpected presentation.  It’s also nice for those of us still working in the classic program manuals when we’ve forgotten the manual.  I’ve got a PDF of the Competent Communicator manual and if I forget to print out the evaluation form, I’ll just use the Generic Evaluation form and keep it for my records.

Where do you get the Generic Evaluation Form?

I’m glad you asked.  When you get to the Pathways Base Camp, you will see a menu that says “Home, Tutorials and Resources, Check Compatibility” across the top.  Select Tutorial and Resources and you’ll find a boatload of information, including every evaluation form in every language.  I think you save yourself a lot of trouble by selecting your language first. Downloading forms in German when you need English?  Very annoying.

I keep this link handy.  If someone has forgotten their evaluation form and I have the option, I can print out the specific form that they need me to use.  EVERY evaluation form is on there, not just the ones I need for my Pathways.

But since we’re looking for the Generic Evaluation form, I can search for it in the search box at the top of the page instead of scrolling down.  It will show up, I will download it and print it up.

In fact, I usually print up several of them at a time.  This is a valuable resource for my club.  By having this on hand, I help my club from getting stuck because someone forgot theirs.  We have used up my supply a couple of times now.  But it’s worth it.  The club looks more professional to guests and supports the members better when these forms are on hand.

Next podcast – what role will you take in your club?