Pathways Catalog and Reference Guide

Did you take the assessment yet?

For some people, the assessment was simply a confirmation of what they want:  they came in already knowing where they want to go.

But what if the assessment didn’t give you the answer you expected?  If you’re not sure or confused by the recommendations from the Assessment, you may need more information.

Do you know where you want to go?  Just put the destination into your smartphone and let the map program give you directions.

But what if you don’t know where you want to go?  Maps don’t help you.  You need something else… to inspire you, to give you ideas… to help you find out what you need to know.  How about a catalog?

There was a time when everything you needed you could find in the Sears catalog.  Nowadays, that’s probably how we would describe Amazon.  How do you find everything you need about Pathways?  With the Pathways Catalog, of course.

Pathways Paths and Projects Catalog

There is a Pathways Paths and Projects Catalog available – but not from Toastmasters International.  I don’t know for sure who produced the document – rumor has it someone in District 57 – but it’s as complete as I think you’re going to find outside of an official Toastmasters document.  I hope that it will be updated with the release of the newest pathway – Engaging Humor – soon.

Inside this catalog, you’ll see a list of each pathway and the projects in each one.  All of the projects are listed, but not described in detail.  The electives that are the same across all of the pathways (and there are many electives that are the same on all pathways – in particular on Level 3.)

The catalog is not comprehensive.  You’re not going to see every project completely.  But it may be enough to help you make a more informed decision.

Pathways Companion Reference Guide

I just found the Pathways Reference Guide, published in January 2019, compiled by Mark Snow DTM* of District 69.  The Companion Reference Guide provides short project descriptions as well as great graphics that explain the level requirements and process that the member and the club’s Base Camp Manager must take to get each level approved.  There’s also a current list of the Pathways that are available in print in English or in another language.

Neither the Catalog or the Reference Guide have been produced by Toastmasters International.  They were created by other Toastmasters to help us understand the new program.  I’ve talked about two of them, but there are several others you can find on the Internet.  Remember, Toastmasters International is the final authority and what they say – regardless of what you may read elsewhere – is the last word on the subject.  So if you’re confused, call TI directly.  Their team is very helpful and wants to hear what they can do to make Pathways better.

See All the Way Through

Still not enough?  I’ve got some good news. Toastmasters International President Daniel Rex announced in the fall of 2018 that Toastmasters will be able to see all the projects in the pathways in the near future.  There’s no firm date when that wall will come down – so if you want more details, contact Toastmasters and ask!  Or you can ask around in your club.  As more and more Toastmasters embark on the Pathways journey, you’ll find others who have done it.  I suspect that the media tasks on Level 4 will produce more and more content and information about all of the projects in all of the paths – and you’ll be able to use a search engine to find them.

For the people who yearn for the return to the classic Toastmasters program because they understood how it worked – I hope this will help you understand that this system is logical.  It’s introducing a lot of new material that Toastmasters need that the dated Advanced Manuals never covered.  While I know a lot of experienced Toastmasters don’t appreciate the changes, I think you’ll find it’s worth your time to discover what Pathways offers.   The Pathways Reference Guide and The Pathways Paths and Projects Catalog can also be your roadmaps.  You can download the catalog at and the Reference Guide at

And… if anyone knows who wrote the Catalog, I’d love to give them credit.  Let me know!

UPDATE:  May 2, 2019

I’ve got the updated Pathways Paths and Projects Catalog V3!  It includes the 11th Pathway – Engaging Humor – and more information about the Mentoring program and the DTM requirements. Download it now!

Thanks to George Marshall DTM for putting it together!

*Mark Snow is a DTM in the traditional program and the first Pathways DTM in the world.  Thanks, Mark, for letting me share your work here on Toastmasters 101.