Don’t Forget Your Post-Test

Don't forget your post-test!

Every project has several steps.  You’ll start with a pretest to determine where you stand.

The tests in particular need to be full screen.  So make sure you open the pop-up window all the way – some of the test instructions won’t show up in the small window.

Pathways pretests aren’t programmed the same way as the rest of the site.  In general, you just press the arrow on the right side of the screen to move to the next page.  However, on the tests, you select your answer for each question, but when you get to the last question, you have look at the bottom of the window to see a button that says “submit.”

Then move to the next page and continue with the instructional videos and slides on the skills you’ll develop.  There may be some worksheets to help you plan your project.  Finally, you’ll have the instructions for the project.

You’ll find a checklist and the evaluation form.

After you complete the project, you have to go back online to that project and complete the post-test.

Post-Test Problems

This is the number one problem I get calls about from Toastmasters.  It’s become the second question I ask.  The first one is always “have you picked a pathway yet?”  You’d be surprised at how often the answer is “no.”

The post-test works the same way as the pretest, but believe me, this submit button is critical.  You can’t move on past your Ice Breaker speech or level up until that submit button is hit for every single project.

One nice thing about this program is that it does remember what you put in when you took the test, even if you didn’t hit the submit button.  You may be able to speed through and get to the final question and hit submit without retaking it.  So if the option to submit your level completion isn’t active on the screen, check your post-tests first.  Make sure you’ve completed them and submitted them.  Go ahead and do it again, just to be sure.

Another Post-Test Problem

The other common problem with the post-test – and I completely did this myself – is that I thought it was the pretest.  I had scrolled through the entire project to see what the speech requirement was and filled out the post-test, thinking it was the pretest.

You are not alone in this.  I get calls about this, I read about it online from other Pathways guides – it happens a lot.

Now, if I were King of the Forest – I mean, if I were running Pathways, those two tests would look significantly different, just to avoid this problem.

Don’t worry about this.

I believe you’re an honorable person who made a mistake.  It happens.  You don’t need to fix it with TI or with your VPE – who can’t fix it anyway.  What you can do is simply FINISH THE PROJECT. Don’t submit your level completion request until you’ve done the project.

If you want to let your VPE know what you’ve done, go ahead.  There are some reports that the Base Camp Managers have access to that show your progress and your mistake might show up as a completed task.  It won’t matter.  Just do the project.

Base Camp Managers

The job of the VPE is to make sure that everyone is progressing in the Toastmasters program.  In particular, keep in contact with the club’s vice president of education.   If you’re having problems, talk to them.  They can help you.

Your club has 3 Base Camp Managers.  The club president, club secretary and vice president of education serve the club by approving completion of the Ice Breaker Speech and Pathways Levels.

Now, this doesn’t mean that they can see it, or they have access to your files or any personal data.  This approval is simply an acknowledgment that you’ve completed the level work.  And the approval can’t be given unless the post-test is submitted, not just completed.  Computers.  We’re at their mercy.

If you opted to get the print copies of the pathway, you’ll need to work out a system with your club’s Base Camp Managers to notify them of your completed work.  The post-test requirement isn’t an issue for you.